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The whole team has been overall brilliant and unexpectedly good in defensive terms. Ter Stegen has been wonderful as well as Umtiti. The midfielders have been defending way more than usual and they also create many scoring opportunities such as Paulinho and his off the ball movement and Iniesta and who is in a fantastic form.Their strikers have also been really good with Dembele using that speed and dribbling ability he is known for and  Suarez who is, as always, playing some really amazing football. But the truth is that Barcelona are  favorites this year thanks to the efforts of one man, Lionel who is looking as fresh and hungry as he was on that 2015-14 season (or even better). While Messi being obviously Barcelona’s  greatest strength  he might be also their greatest   a weakness because Messi has become indispensable in the team and that has created some kind of Messidependace

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They are one of those teams that’s stack with talent all over the pitch, a really solid defense, one of the greatest keepers and there attacking prowess is something not to be missed, with flashy players like Cuadrado and Douglas Costa, whos having a great season, this two can tear defenses apart with their pace and skill. Up the pitch, there is Higuain whos a lethal goalscorer and is also able to play deeper to help the team to attack. Lastly, they have there main man Dybala, who can dribble, create and finish chances. The fun fact is that despite all that talent Tottenham has proven that Juventus ain’t that dominant when facing a great midfield because while theirs great it ain’t as good as most European midfield.It must also be taken into account that Juventus still defeated Tottenham in spite of playing worse than them because they have really great finishers and are great at producing counter attacks, so they can play bad but still win the match.

Real Madrid

Well, there isn’t much to be said about the previous champions. Madrid has the edge on reputation and experience, being not only the former champions but being real Madrid themselves, I have seen many times a bunch of clubs that I believe that were in a better form than Real Madrid but once they meet them they don’t deliver and are destroyed. Real Madrid is able to make other teams fear as it has been shown when the defeated PSG which also helps in this factor as PSG seemed favorites at the beginning of the champions league.Real Madrid has also defensive problems and haven’t had a clear tactic until recently using the 442.


If Man City lack defense strength then Liverpool have no defense at all even though they bought Virgil van Dijk they are really weak, their midfielders are actually really great but they are pretty inconsistent so they can´t be relied on, and thus Liverpool depends solely on their terrifying front three, with their counter-attacking football they are able to destroy most teams with ease. One player that must be taken into account is Salah, who has had an amazing season and can be the main difference in any match.

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Man city

There’s a lot of hype surrounding man city and some fans even believe that Man city are able to win the champions league, but why wouldn’t they?  They have been dominating the English league by playing some astonishing attacking football bringing back memories of that tiki-taka passing game that’s almost trademarked now for every peps team, they can also play on the counter and have some really fast player  on the wogs like sterling and sane Lets also not forget KDB´s astonishing season plus the depth in their team sheet. Despite all that, City does have one weakness, first of all, they lack defense solidness and when they don’t have the ball they can be really damaged. As shown by Liverpool or even Wigan, a great attack can destroy them


Many see them as the weakest team, but that is far from the truth.They  shouldn’t be underestimated  they have a brilliant football team with some high-quality players, you should not forget that they beaten Chelsea 3-0 on the group stage, they have players like El Sharawy with speed and technique, some players that are even more dangerous like Perotti and Naingolan ,they also have one of the best fullbacks in Kolarov and a fantastic number 9 in Edin Dzeko who scores 30 goals a season.


They have always shown some pretty good football by playing a short passing game and reminding the  joy of attacking football and they have shown it once again by beating the defensive playing style of Jose Mourinho and Man Utd with the help of their hero Ben Yedder, they also have some good midfielders such as N,zonzi or Pizarro but one must understand that they are indeed the weaker side of all the teams left.

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Bayern Munich

They have been in my opinion really underrated, it seems no one has been talking about them, they have amazing depth and a bunch of individual talent, James has been exceptional this season as well as Coman and Lewandoski who has been playing great as he always does, plus they have one of the best midfielders in Thiago and Vidal so I think they are strong contenders for the title. They are able to play any kind of football, they can play counter-attacking football, a possession game, defensively, and basically almost anything. I really don’t see any weakness in them as they have depth in their team sheet

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