Raiders Next Games Could Lead to Firings

The Oakland Raiders lost a very winnable game in the Meadowlands to the Giants. The Raiders are currently 3-6 and will face the Texans, Titans and Cowboys respectively over ghe next few weeks. The Raiders have a chance in any of the three and very well could lose all three given the abysmal and inconsistent offense which has become the norm of late. The road ahead is emblazoned with coals so to speak, as a total collapse could lead to firings.
While the temperance of Mark Davis is not easily distinguishable, even remote football fans would have little to no problems in spotting the myriad of problems on offense. Terrelle Pryor appears to be reaching his ceiling at least for this season. Pryor is also playing with a bad knee and will have trouble escaping from the inevitable defensive pressure behind a patchwork offensive line which has allowed 36 sacks the 2nd worst in the league. On Sunday the Giants who statistically have one of the worst pass rushes in the NFL sacked Pryor 4 times, forced an interception and a fumble, while holding Pryor to 19 yards rushing and 122 through the air. Pryor rarely had time to operate and when he did he held the ball too long. The offensive line was pretty good in the run game and made large running lanes for Rashad Jennings who finished with 88 yards on the ground. A decade long Raider ailment in the form of penalties (8) resurfaced on Sunday, Khalif Barnes now playing left tackle led this charge with several untimely drive killing calls. Menelik Watson got his first start at right tackle. Watson looked very raw and struggled most of the day in pass protection, its too early to tell, but his ceiling looks to be an average at best right tackle or a pro bowl caliber guard. The offensive game plan was horrible and made few adjustments as the game progressed. Jennings had something going in the running game and the Raiders chose to pass on 2nd and 3rd down from the 1 yard line and ultimately ended up settling for a field goal. The Giants played defense for Pryor scrambling right for the entire game, so it was what shocking Pryor only scrambled left once. Marcel Reece is still a very small portion of the game plan. The defensive effort for the Raiders was much improved from the Eagles game and awarded the team favorable field position as well as 7 points to keep the contest close through out the afternoon.
The teams on the horizon will most likely win if the offensive effort mirrors Sunday’s performance. If the Raiders squander over the next three games which save for Dallas figure to be the easiest of the remaining games, changes will be inevitable. The Raiders could do as little as changing offensive coordinator or changing quarterbacks by targeting a signal caller in the first round. On the other end of the spectrum given the Flynn trade and the struggles of first round draft pick D.J. Hayden, Dennis Allen and Reggie Mckenzie are anything but safe. John Gruden rumors have already began to circle the Raiders in which case it’s hard to imagine Gruden coming on board without having heavy say in personnel moves. Allen’s biggest challenge will be to keep the team buying into his methodology, a tough task when the losses begin to pile up at your proverbial door.
Mckenzie figures to have a little longer leash, but not by much.

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